Two policemen guilty of crimes with suspended sentence

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Two policemen guilty of crimes with suspended sentence

Post by Pedro » Sat Aug 02, 2014 2:35 pm

My friends, this was taken from Correio da Manhã newspaper: ... a-suspensa


Two policemen guilty of crimes with suspended sentence

Defendants have caused a loss of about half a million euros.

Thirty defendants, 21 convictions to actual sentences, seven suspended sentences and two acquittals.

Two policemen accused of crimes the penalties, this Friday, the 1st Criminal Court of Lisbon, thirty defendants of a case investigated by PJ dating back to 2012. Among the defendants are two policemen. The policemen received calls to dispatching the material stolen by the network.

The court sentenced two police officers from Loures Division - who are suspended from office for more than 10 months without pay - the sentences of three years and seven months and two years and 10 months in prison, suspended in its implementation by same period, by complicity with criminal association and abuse of power.

The collective of judges established the existence of a criminal organization composed mostly by citizens of Romanian nationality, who, between 2010 and 2012, 34 robberies practiced, north to south, into the gas stations, residences, warehouses, workshops , restaurants, schools, public buildings, jewelers, tobacconists and newsagents.

The lawyer for the two policemen, Ricardo Oliveira, also a lawyer of Hugo Ernano already admitted that it will appeal the decision.