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For rob on UK Justice:

Posted: Wed May 15, 2019 2:44 pm
by honestbroker1
Replying to Rob's question:

3rd post down. ... 10605.2625
Date: 06 and 07 August 2007

Place: Underground Car Park, Praca 1 de Maio, Portimao.


1. PJ ? Tavares de Almeida, Chief Inspector
2. PJ ? Joao Carlos Pereira, Inspector
3. PJ ? Ricardo Paiva, Inspector
4. UK ? Mark Harrison
5. UK Martin Grime UK Forensic Canine P SM Expert
6. EDDY ? English Springer
7. KEELA ? English Springer


On 6th August 2007 at about 15.17 a sniffer dog inspection was carried out of the following cars that had been placed for this purpose in the underground car park mentioned previously:

Vehicle n? 1 ? Opel Corsa ? number plate 75-AG-62
Vehicle n? 2 ? Fiat Punto ? number plate 45-49-ER
Vehicle n? 3 ? Peugeot 205 ? number plate RI-96-03
Vehicle n? 4 ? Renault Scenic ? number plate ? 59-DA-27
Vehicle n? 5 ? Skoda Fabia ? number plate 96-26-VE
Vehicle n? 6 ? Volkswagon Transporter ? number plate 44-77-KD
Vehicle n? 7 ? Nissan Patrol ? number plate VH-24-22
Vehicle n? 8 ? Volkswagon Passat ? number plate 57-12-HP
Vehicle n? 9 ? Audi A4 ? number plate 10-91-FP
Vehicle n? 10 ?Renault Kangoo ? number plate 07-50-UI

The inquiry began at the time indicated, the dog EDDY which detects cadaver odour, searched the whole of the floor of the underground car park where the cars were parked with the following result:

15.27 ? the dog ?marked? vehicle n?4 ? Renault Scenic ? number plate ? 59-DA-27, the rental car currently used by Gerry and Kate McCann.

The Renault Scenic vehicle ? number plate 59-DA-27 was removed to the third floor of the underground car park and was subjected to a forensic search by officers from the Scientific Police Laboratory and another sniffer dog inspection that began at 03.49 on 7th August by the dog KEELA, which detected human blood remains, the following results were noted:

03.53 ? the dog ?marked? a zone on the right inferior side of the inside of the luggage compartment of the vehicle;

04.11 ? the dog ?marked? the compartment on the driver?s side, which was seen to contain the vehicle?s key, of a plastic electronic card type, with a key ring from the Budget car rental agency.

With the aim of confirming whether the dog had effectively ?marked? the vehicle?s key, which was inside the compartment on the driver?s side, at 04.13 the key in question was removed from the vehicle and hidden in a place far from the vehicle on the third floor of the underground car park.

At about 04.14 it was observed that the dog ?marked? the area of a box containing sand from the Fire Service, underneath which, effectively, the vehicle?s key had been hidden.

At approximately 04.50 a new sniffer dog inspection was carried out using the dog EDDY which detects cadaver odour, using the vehicle key which for this purpose was hidden on the fourth floor of the underground car park, far away from the vehicle.

At about 04.51, it was observed that the dog ?marked? the area of the box containing sand from the Fire Service, underneath which the key had been hidden.

Re: For rob on UK Justice:

Posted: Wed May 15, 2019 4:51 pm
by honestbroker1
From John Lowe's report:
A low level incomplete DNA profile which matched the corresponding components in the DNA profile of Gerald McCann was obtained from cellular material on the key card (286C/2007-CRL(12)). This sample has not been sent for further testing using LCN DNA profiling tests.
Whilst it is true, John Lowe does not specifically identify the material on the key-card as blood, still, Keela alerted to it, and she is/was! not trained to react to anything besides human blood, meaning either that material on the key card was Gerry's blood; OR that Keela alerted falsely.

All ways up, a vehicle hired 3 weeks after Madeleine's abduction played no part in her disappearance.

And I do think Grime should explain why he supposed, even in theory, Madeleine's blood might be found on the ignition key of a vehicle hired 3 weeks after Madeleine disappeared.

Madeleine was a tad young to drive.

Re: For rob on UK Justice:

Posted: Wed May 15, 2019 5:13 pm
by honestbroker1
Equally as offencive, yet still more idiotic than the notion that a vehicle hired 3 weeks after Madeleine's abduction was used to take her somewhere, is the idea that the McCanns' villa, which they moved into long after a full-scale police and civilian search for Madeleine had been mounted, might have contained Madeleine's 'concealed and deceased remains'.

And albeit that Mark Harrison was, somehow, duped by the lie, deceit, myth and fraud of the non-existent "enhanced" victim recovery dog, he is not an idiot.

Yet, still, he wrote that the following should be searched:
- All accommodation occupied by the McCann family and their friends as well as any hired vehicles.

- The villa and garden occupied by Robert Murat and any vehicles he had access to.

- Areas of wasteland adjacent to Murat’s and the McCann’s apartment.

- Areas of the beach in Praia da Luz.

- A portion of the coastline east of Praia da Luz.

These recommendations were based on the fact that these areas had not been previously searched with the specific intent to locate Madeleine McCann’s concealed and deceased body and that the areas recommended afforded likely and obvious places to consider for concealment in such an investigation.
Of course, all accommodation included the McCanns' rented villa, actually 'searched' with dogs.

And Harrison wrote that after initially recommending, alone, that the holiday apartments of the McCanns and their friends should be searched.

And don't get me started on the gym, unmentioned in anything above, the purpose of the 'search' in that place being, to re-examine clothing, already examined once in the villa without result, and transported from villa to gym in bog-standard cardboard boxes, in disregard of principles of cross-contamination, with all clothes 'alerted' to in the gym coming out of the same box.

Re: For rob on UK Justice:

Posted: Wed May 15, 2019 5:33 pm
by honestbroker1
Of everything written online about the 'inspection' in the gym, the only 'explanation' I am aware of of how it is supposed to have come about is this, from the book of Goncalo Amaral:
Eddie goes immediately to the lounge. He comes to a stop in front of a wicker armchair on which is lying Madeleine's small pink soft toy, which Kate was never without in the early days of the investigation. Nowadays, she wears a rosary and a green ribbon around her neck. Eddie barks to let us know that he has detected an odour: the soft toy has been in contact with a body.

The soft toy and all the clothes from the house are placed into boxes specially made to preserve evidence. These objects are then conveyed to the decontaminated premises. They are placed on the ground, a good distance apart for the dogs to examine.

At 8pm, Tavares de Almeida calls me to let me know that Mark Harrison requires another place because this one is not sufficiently clean.

- How do I find a place at this kind of time?

- Sort it out!

Julio Barroso offers us the new sports hall in Lagos which, finally, meets the required standards. The objects are once again laid out on the ground and the dogs can start. Eddie alerts us to a strong cadaver odour on some of Kate's clothes, but the CSI dog doesn't detect the slightest trace of blood.
So a room, initially identified for a second re-examination of the exact-same clothing Eddie had initially ignored in the rented villa was deemed not sufficiently clean, and Mark Harrison who, according to Amaral, wanted a second inspection of the exact-same clothing ignored in the villa, was dissatisfied with the first spot chosen, and Amaral miraculously conjures up a second spot, a sports-hall in Lagos?

All of which fully explains why Harrison's sole reference to either inspections at villa or gym was a terse, retrospective comment, which I will add in an edit:

Mark Harrison's retrospective comment on both inspections at villa and gym:
On 02-08-07 the PJ conducted a search warrant at a villa in Praia da Luz currently occupied by the McCann family.

Later the same day PJ officers conducted a screening procedure involving items removed from the McCann’s villa.

On 03-08-07 PJ and GNR officers were given instruction based on translated extracts from NPIA doctrine on search management and procedures. This focused on search procedures relating to buildings and vehicles.
Note that the day following both inspections at villa and gym, Mark Harrison issued translated NPIA literature to PJ personnel on correct procedure for inspections in buildings and vehicles.

Re: For rob on UK Justice:

Posted: Wed May 15, 2019 9:45 pm
by honestbroker1
Let's dispense with names, but some bright-spark on UK Justice posted:
I'm pleased we've finally got rid of the myth that Eddie alerted to Gerry McCann's blood. Something achieved for once.
The crucial (and libellous!) myth to dispense with is that Madeleine went anywhere near the Renault Scenic.

True that John Lowe did not identify the cellular material positively identified as from Gerry on the key-card as blood.

But if the material was not blood, then Keela, actually, both dogs, alerted falsely, as both were trained to alert to human blood, and Keela was trained to alert to human blood alone.

So presumably the bright spark on UK Justice thinks Keela alerted falsely?

Should have added that Eddie studiously ignored the boot of the Renault Scenic, despite every encouragement from Grime to get Eddie to react to it.

Re: For rob on UK Justice:

Posted: Thu May 16, 2019 8:48 am
by honestbroker1
For me, the overriding question: Why did Grime suppose, even in theory, that Madeleine's blood might be found on the ignition-key of a vehicle hired 3 weeks after she had vanished?

Even that is not quite as outlandish as the notion that the McCanns' rented villa might have contained Madeleine's concealed and deceased remains.

Mark Harrison wrote that as (somebody else's!) 'rationale' for conducting 'searches' in that place.

Re: For rob on UK Justice:

Posted: Thu May 16, 2019 6:31 pm
by honestbroker1
This is the sort of thing.

Pathfinder on UK Justice posts:

Keela also alerted in the boot and that is where a body would have been if there was one. The key was not in the boot which suggests a different source.

Also alerted to the boot?

Keela alerted to the boot.

Eddie did not alert to the boot.

In fact, Eddie studiously ignored the boot, despite being constantly directed and re-directed by Grime to the boot.

That means, either that the material recovered from the boot had a component of blood, since Keela was trained to react to nothing else; or that Keela alerted falsely.

I believe we can trust Eddie not to have missed a cadaver scent in the boot; rather to have not alerted to the boot because there was nothing within the range of scents he was trained to react to detectable from the boot.

A reaction from both dogs to cellular material on the key ring, established forensically as coming from Gerry, suggests a reaction from both dogs to Gerry's blood.

Pretty much all we can say certainly, both from presentation of known facts and from application of common sense is that Madeleine never went near the Renault Scenic.

It is absurd to suppose that a vehicle hired 3 weeks after Madeleine's disappearance might have been used to take her somewhere; still more absurd to suppose that Madeleine's blood might have been on an ignition key.

Madeleine was a tad young to drive.