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Posted: Thu Aug 23, 2018 5:53 pm
by scoobydoo
anyone watched the latest series of this. I notice they are made more of the harassment people connected to a crime and the victims get online, in this case with fatal consequences. They do not portray the blogger as a successful person either, shes a bit of a sad case trying to make a name for herself. But it is also the sense of entitlement that gets me too.

At first when she tells the police she has a degree in journalism that cost a lot of money and has written hundreds of articles yet never been paid you feel a bit sorry for her. But the more you think about it the more entitled she comes across. A degree, and/or writing lots of articles for your own blog or purely speculative does not entitle you to a successful career as a journalist. Do you really think anyone, even someone with a degree, can just churn out a couple of articles (often actually opinion pieces) and suddenly get published in a major paper or website? Of course not, you have to spend years putting in the effort even after you have a degree. Years starting from the bottom up, maybe even just making the tea in the newspaper offices for a bit, doing some research for more experienced journalist, writing some fluffy piece you hate because it will actually give you your first by line, working to give yourself an edge-another language, experience in a particular field etc. But this woman and others like here who write their little blogs trying to piggyback off m=the misery of others think that they have a right to be successful from the start. That they can just write some opinion pieces and the guardian should be paying them to publish them. I know people who work in the media, and the idea you can suddenly be at the top of the ladder is silly. Do a degree, write opinion pieces by all means but you must do work experience at the bottom as well to stand a chance.

I think this sort of "I deserve success now and without real effort" is typical of many of the "anti" brigade.