Slartibarfaszt on UK Justice:

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Slartibarfaszt on UK Justice:

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Challenging Brietta to provide proof the McCanns were accused of murder:
Please provide the cite for the McCanns being suspected of murder as per forum rules. The gist of it doesn’t really count.
How much proof does Slartibarfast want?

From Mark Harrison's report:
This report considers solely the possibility that Madeleine McCannhas been murderedand her body is concealed within the areas previously searched by Police in Zone 1 around Praia Da Luz. Other scenarios or possibilities may on request be considered and be subject of a further report. I also make comment on the recent claims made by a Mr Krugel as to the whereabouts of the missing child.

Page 2225 :
That was before Eddie or Keela had even set paw on Portuguese soil.

And later, Harrison wrote:
In considering the two scenarios that Madeleine McCann has been murdered and her body disposed of by a person on foot or in a vehicle, I have reflected on the areas within zone 1 that have been previously searched or subject to forensic examination.

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