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Re: NUTTERS otherwise known as Haverns....

Post by Hael » Wed Dec 05, 2018 12:23 pm

sal wrote:
Sun Oct 21, 2018 5:44 pm
Haverns members beware.......dissent will not be tolerated. :s_rofl
There is no intention to silence any member from posting on any topic, but the researchers here have done a vast amount of work on this topic and have all reached the same conclusion. This has also been discussed on the forum many times. ******, like all other members is entitled to her opinion and she is entitled to express that opinion. She has been permitted to do this and her posts are still available. However, much of what ****** has to say on this topic has already been dealt with on the forum and we are just going over old ground, this is getting us no closer to finding out what happened to Madeleine and it appears that ******' posts are meant only to discredit the research of other members. Also whilst ****** may have posted evidence from the official files, she does not recognise that some of this evidence may have been engineered by the McCann private detectives or that it may be false evidence produced after the witnesses had met with the McCann benefactor, Brian Kennedy.

Now either ****** is a little naive and not quite up to scratch with her research or she is deliberately trying to discredit the work of other members who have all reached the same conclusion after years of excellent research.

****** is quite free to post on any topic that she wants too but we just request that does further research in this area before making further comment.

@Sal :rofl-1:
The trolls funding a shamed coppers right to lie about Kate and Gerry McCann are a new level of weirdo.[omitted] they may have destroyed all hope for good.Talking up conspiracy theories is one thing.Wrecking the search for an abducted child is another.-The Sun

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